Approaching the Campaign Creation:

1. Read the brief thoroughly. 2. Begin with initial sketches, searching for associations, jokes, and pop culture references. Involve as many people as possible and have fun. 3. Visualize the best ideas. 4. Research online to check if similar campaigns by competitors exist. Compare to avoid potential duplications. 5. Share all drafts with a wide audience to gather feedback. 6. Implement changes based on the feedback received. 7. Select the top 1-3 executions. 8. Present to the client and incorporate any required revisions. 9. Upon approval, prepare final print-ready files in the necessary formats. 10. Send the completed files for final colour and content proofreading, paying close attention to any typos. 11. Submit for production. An example of the stage 6 below.

Date: 2023
Client: Billboard Company
Role: Designer