Shine Limoncello Brand

Shine Limoncello

My task was to design a new brand of limoncello called Shine from scratch. Apart from the name, the brief required the use of the LemonMilk font. The project included creating a minimalist logo and labels for two types of bottles: a flat one and a round-bottomed one, typical for liqueurs. Limoncello evokes the Italian sun and good times in great company. This unpretentious vibe guided me.

Minimalistic Logotype

Shine hails from Sussex, a sunny coast with Brighton's beaches and the Seven Sisters cliffs. Limoncello has the power to summon sunshine, even on a cloudy day. So, my first thought was sunshine, transformed into lemonshine. I developed minimalist versions of this theme for different logo variants, tailored to the various bottle shapes. Simple to print screen directly onto glass or combined with perforated stickers printed on eco-friendly paper.

The taste of a sunny day

The design in beach colours depicts a sun-drenched afternoon, perfect for a moment of relaxation after a good lunch, with good company and a good drink in hand. A sunset and two impossibly thin-stemmed glasses. One look at the bottle and you’ll want to put on sunglasses. To show how this label looks on the bottle, I drew 3D models of the bottle and glasses from the label and rendered the arrangement in bright sunlight.

Why does the moon shine like a lemon on the Shine bottle?

Once upon a time, the Moon yearned to shine as brightly as the Sun. No longer did he wish his name to be synonymous with moonshine. A kind fairy in Sussex promised to find a solution to his dilemma. She crafted a most exquisite limoncello. Everyone who tasted it glowed with an inner warmth and radiated joy, as if they were gazing upon the Sun rising over the horizon.

When she offered this magical elixir to the Moon, he basked in blissful delight, and his glow intensified. But being only a moon, rather than transforming into a second sun, he took on the noble form of a beautiful, ripe lemon. Greatly pleased with the result, he decreed that the drink be named "Shine," for he had come to understand that the light which warms the heart is as wondrous as the light seen with the eyes.

In his honour, Shine - the limoncello from Sussex - is bottled in black flasks, so as not to disperse its power, allowing it to illuminate us from within. Does this tale not perfectly explain why one should reach for the moon’s very own Shine limoncello?