Brand Guidelines

International Water Solutions Ltd

International Water Solutions specialises in water treatment and disinfection mainly for agriculture. My work with International Water Solutions began with inventorying all their needs: modernising the company logo and all products, and creating a stylistically and colourfully consistent image for the company. Step by step, we managed to replace the old with the new without incurring unnecessary costs. Once logos, websites, product labels, and all promotional materials were designed, I compiled everything into a presentation—a guide to the new brand identity. More of my projects for IWS intended for print can be seen here and icons here.

Logotype Manual

I proposed simplifying the previous sign, which consisted of two arcs and three balls representing flowing water. This way, the new logo was a direct continuation of the old one. But the new solution, more than bubbles on the water surface, refers to the pattern of a water molecule (H2O) – two small chlorine rings and one larger oxygen. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a gas used for water treatment and disinfection, has a similar structure. I kept the letters IWS unchanged beneath them, giving them only a precise shape resembling bent water pipes. The new logo was an ideal basis for introducing a consistent visual identity based on circles and a navy-blue palette.

Solutions & its Labels

The new visual identity includes updated labels for IWS products. The colour scheme was chosen to align with the sector's character. Labels for chemical solutions are subject to many legal regulations, but maintaining a consistent visual aesthetic builds the company's brand.


I built the website for IWS on the Wix platform. We wanted it to be visually appealing and convincing about the key role of clean water in agriculture production. Illustrating the benefits of efficient water treatment was the main aim. Customer reviews were the most important element. I drew icons for each section and operational schemes for information about the systems. See the website here.